UNI T UTD1050DL 3.5"LCD 50MHz Handheld Digital Display Oscilloscope with Voltage,Current,Resistance,Capacitance Measurement

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Command Test

Testing coaxial cable. Hantek mso5102d warranty: Generator signal 50mhz. Product number: Electric system tester. Logic: Mso4012. Ignition testeMcu test board. Support telephone. 50,000wfms/s. Color tft. Dso-3064  kit4. Wholesale cables oscilloscope. Storage depth: Bluetooth carradioMaximum real-time sampling rate: V13.02. 10ns/div-5s/div. Dso-3104a oscilloscopes origin: 


Hantek dso3254  color: <=1.7ns/<=2.3ns/<=2.9ns/<=5.8ns. Min time resolution: As picture. Output voltage: 30vac/60vdc max.. 2.5 (k) dimensions. Isds205a. Time base precision. 12 mpts. J2a040 40k. Current consumption: Oscilloscope kit probe. Pc usb oscilloscopes. Wholesale waveform generator siglent. Hantek dso3254  warranty: Hantek hdg2012b warranty: Logic analyzer sample rate: 

Meter Ac

Flex parts. 14 mpts, matching up to 28 mpts. Dso-2250. 2 passive probes -pp80. Dso-2250. Keyword 4: Mcx probe x10. 1mhz/s. Hantek 6204be quality: Ch1, ch2, ch3, ch4, ext. Wholesale stm8s103f3p6. Shortwave meter. Ac 100v ~ 240v2mv/div-5v/div. 50db attenuator. Oscilloscope multimeter. Real time sampling rate:1gsa/s: Hantek6022bl. Digital ic tester

Ipad 64

Oscilloscopes battery. Spotties for car. 5.6 inch tft color lcd display. Gj0745-01b. 17.5ns. 10mv/div-5v/div. Less then or eaual to 3.5ns. Digital oscilloscope usb 40mhz. An201 thermometer. Usb scope meters. Input impedance  : Hantek dso1102b performance: Digital touch display. Capacitive standard. Measurement: Approx.285mm/11.22''. Mso7082blg operation: Raspberry mp3. 100hz. Keys cutting machine. 

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This is D’Lo, an awesome queer artist and my boss for the summer. His stand up comedy show, D’FunQT is coming to Dixon Place in NYC in July. D’FunQT is about growing up transgender in a first-generation Sri Lankan...



This is D’Lo, an awesome queer artist and my boss for the summer. His stand up comedy show, D’FunQT is coming to Dixon Place in NYC in July. D’FunQT is about growing up transgender in a first-generation Sri Lankan American immigrant family. He is fucking hilarious, and I can guarantee there’s nothing else out there like it. He has also gone above and beyond the call of duty for me as his intern, helping me develop my own work as a comedian and genderqueer person of color. 

D’Lo has to pack the house for all six shows in order to make any money. I know a ton of people on Tumblr would really love his show, so can we help him out?

Friday, July 6th & Saturday, July 7th
Friday, July 13th & Sat urday, July 14th
Friday, July 20th & Saturday, July 21st 

Facebook event
D’Lo’s website
Buy tickets!

Please spread the werd if you will~

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Grammatical gender has fuck all to do with a biological and sociological understanding of gender


The fact that a feminine and masculine noun class exist in several languages means virtually nothing from a non-linguistic point of view, as said noun classes don’t have anything to say about said objects inherent femininity or masculinity.

If grammatical gender had anything to say about gender as a social construct, all languages would employ a basic grammatical gender system with a feminine, a masculine and a neuter case, but as we all know, this is not the, for a lack of a better word, case.

English has no grammatical gender, German has three grammatical genders, Swedish has two genders, neither being feminine or masculine, but rather common and neuter and then there are loads of languages who completely fuck with the gender = grammatical gender misconception.

Basque has tw o genders, based on animacy, the Oluganda of Uganda use ten grammatical noun classes (which is by far a better term for grammatical gender), one which is for liquids and one which is for pejoratives and Zwahili employs 18 different noun classes.

And in Dyirbal, an Australian Aboriginal language, the feminine noun class includes not only actual women, but also water, fire and powerful, dangerous things.

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“[Image description: a girl in a black t-shirt with short wavy hair and a fringe is smiling at the camera] Hi! I’m Ellie. 20, genderqueer/transfeminine, pansexual, shy girl. I like fun things and I’m trying to be more visible. We should...


[Image description: a girl in a black t-shirt with short wavy hair and a fringe is smiling at the camera]

Hi! I’m Ellie. 20, genderqueer/transfeminine, pansexual, shy girl. I like fun things and I’m trying to be more visible. We should be friends, we’ll play video games and stuff :D

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::Meet This Boi::

QueerBOIS, we’re turning our “Meet This BOIS” series to the Pacific Northwest region of the States to Oregon.  Ty Chance, one of our newer contributors and an amazing photographer brings QBs Cherokee Andrade, a gender fluid queer boi who shares personal stories of family, growth, change and the right to claim who we are.  Queer bois, please take sometime and get to know Cherokee, a handsome boi with a warm tale…


“Family is inherently important to me. With that being said, it isn’t always easy to come out of the closet and maintain a consistently positive dynamic with those who raised you. I do, however, have a complicated, yet loving relationship with my Dad. He makes the most effort out of any of the elders in my life to know who I am. For that reason, things that remind me of him are dear to my heart. I find myself drawn towards train-tracks. My Father has been a railroad engineer for over three decades. On all of our family vacations, we would find railroad tracks and we would flatten pennies together while he would tell us what kind of locomotives were pulling the carts. It was some of our happier, more carefree moments. I like thinking of him like this. I like remembering how he could get so caught up in talking about what he was passionate about that it was almost like his worries would float away, just for a little while.

I think it is important to have something like that, something in your life that is so rela xing or freeing to you that it lifts the weight of the world off of your shoulders, if even for but a mere moment. Life is complicated and hard. I believe that figuring out who we truly are is one of the most difficult tasks one can undertake. Do any of us really understand all of the inner workings our very own selves? Why we feel, act, and think the ways that we do? I doubt it. In this way, gender is also quite complex for some of us. I’m sure some people come out of the womb knowing just what gender means to them their whole lives, but not I. I am not male identified, but I am not traditionally female identified either. I consider myself gender fluid. I am young, and growing and changing every day. I am not drawn to the idea of labeling myself, orientation wise, for all to see. This is why gender fluid appeals to me, because, for me, gender is just that — fluid. Ever evolving. When I look at who I was ten years ago, I am overwhelmed with how much I’ve changed and who I have become. I imagine I’ll probably feel that way in another ten years, too.”

photos © Ty Chance, All Rights Reserved, Do Not Use Without Permission

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